Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Papa John's

Today we went to Papa John's for a field trip. In the back of the Jones Creek location, they have a conference room where the kids hung out while they waited for their turn to make a pizza.

(Note: This is a long post with lots of pictures. I didn't attempt to try manual or anything with my camera for this one. I kept having problems with the flash bouncing off all of the stainless steel and washing out parts of the pictures. But at least I have the memories recorded.)

This is the refrigerator where they keep their fresh ingredients.

After getting their aprons on, the kids had to wash their hands.

Showing them where they place orders

The littlest girls went first

Miriam with her dough

Pushing her dough down

Putting sauce on her pizza...notice she's looking to see what Emma is doing...
Do you see another mamarazzi in this shot?

Putting pepperoni on hers (it's the #1 topping)

Adding the cheese

With her apron

Next the youngest boys went next....checking out the refrigerator...
see another camera in the shot!

Cameron getting his apron fixed

Cameron and his buddies

Cameron working his dough

Stretching the dough out

Carrying him to the next station

Moving his crust along

Putting the sauce on

Adding black olives...this is the only topping he wanted!

Adding the cheese

Say olives!

This is the only picture I took of Micah...I guess she didn't want it taken! LOL!

Doing activity sheets while they wait for their turn

Luke doing a pizza word search

Luke & Tate looking at the refrigerator

Be sure to wash your hands!

Showing how they take your call

Getting their dough ball and the "dustinator" (aka flour)

Working the dough

Poking holes in the dough to prevent air bubbles

Stretching out the dough

Sauce time



Black olives

3 sausages and cheese!

All done!

Of course, Levi was my shadow today...
all covered in "dustinator" although he didn't make a pizza

After all the kids went, then the adults were allowed to make one as well

Amy starting with her dough

Smiling for the camera

Flattened out

Levi wiping off some of the "dustinator"

Poking the dough

Stretching the dough








More cheese

All done!

While the pizzas were cooking, one of the employees who has been working their for years "threw" some dough for us.

Stretching the dough

Flying high!

Look how big!


Showing us how big it is now!

Going in the almost 500 degree oven

Coming out after 4.5 minutes

Piping hot


Using the bubble fork to pop the dough bubbles

More are ready!

Cutting the one that I made

Mine is ready

Cutting Amy's

All of the pizzas from the fieldtrip

Loaded in the van ready for delivery to our house

Amy carrying all of their pizzas to the van

Cameron carrying his pizza

Opening his pizza

Eating his pizza

Miriam carrying her pizza

Opening her pizza

Eating her pizza

Luke carrying his

Opening his box

Eating his pizza

Are you hungry now?


Jenn said...

That was one cool field trip. Hate I didn't make it!! I have one question??? How in the world did Miriam's white skirt stay so clean today?!?!?!?! Guess that is what aprons are for!!

Tracy said...

How fun! And YUM! I love Papa John's!

We did this type of field trip at a place in Ohio (which I LOVE!!!) and they didn't have us wash our hands! Because the oven is so HOT, that the germs could NEVER live! Ugh!

Great tossing pics!

Zelda said...

I enjoyed experiencing the field trip through the pics. It was great that Papa John's took the time to work with all the kids and Moms. Seems like everyone enjoyed working on their pizza and the best part...bringing them home and eating!

sherry said...

did y'all have to pay to go there on a field trip? do you think they'd let us come for a preschool play day? that looks like lot of fun!