Monday, May 17, 2010

Last week

Just thought I would post some pictures of the kids from last week…for Aunt Laura!

  • Playing with the dogs more since the baseball field got moved in front of the barn
  • doing school work outside – even Micah wanted to do some!
  • Swinging – they enjoyed doing the spider as Luke called it
  • They loved playing with the leftover pipe from the ditch work…sometimes they would get inside and push each other around
  • Micah, that fence is there to keep you out!
  • Friday night we went to eat dinner with Uncle Lee & Aunt Lauren at Boutin’s…Miriam enjoyed dancing with Uncle Lee
  • Miriam visited with baby Grace on Saturday afternoon and helped feed her the bottle
  • On Sunday, we had a Sunday school fellowship and Miriam got to help make the homemade strawberry/banana nut ice cream!Photobucket


Tracy said...

LOL! on the hiney crack!

Raymonde said...

Gorgeous all of it. What a great collage. xxx

Laura said...

Yay thanks!