Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday’s School Projects

Colonists didn’t have closets, because they were counted as rooms and they were taxed per room!  They used chests instead.  In our Colonial Kids book, it suggested painting a chest.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby that had letters on it.  I was looking for something to store my alphabet stamps in so I figured this would kill 2 birds with one stone.Photobucket We’re wrapping up our study of the colonies so the boys wanted to play a couple more of the games in the Colonial Kids book.  They tried a game of horseshoes…which was more like a ring toss.  We used mason jar lids and plastic bowling pins.  They never made one!  Another game was target practice.  Luke really enjoyed throwing the paper ball at the bowling pins.  What did Micah do?  She thought the mason jar lids were bracelets!Photobucket
If the native Americans hadn’t introduced the colonists to pumpkins, they might have starved!  So another recipe in the book was to make pumpkin pie…so we just cheated again!  Photobucket


Amy said...

Man, you've been school projects all week!!!

Pat said...

How would that be considered cheating? I'm quite sure the colonists had Mrs. Smith frozen pies!