Saturday, October 2, 2010

PACT - Stick Horse Rodeo

Last night at church, we attended a stick horse rodeo for the PACT (Parents & Children Together) event. Here's a look at my cowboys and cowgirls.
There were stations set up to decorate your horse, make a picture frame, rope a cow, and herd pigs. Plus free dinner...hotdogs, chips, and cookies! After everyone had a chance to eat, the rodeo began. They introduced each rider and their horse. My kids were not too original...Luke's horse's name was Lucas, Cameron's was Cameron Bob, Miriam's horse was George (b/c Mrs. Carrie asked her if his name was George), and Levi's was Chicken! Levi of course was too "chicken" to participate...but Micah didn't have a problem with it! She ended going in Levi's place.
Then it was time for the competition...barrel racing and calf roping. After the games, each rider was deemed a winner and received a medal.
I wanted Daddy to take a group shot of us in our "western wear" and this was the best shot where everyone was looking toward the camera. Typical!


The Munck Family said...

What fun!!! Now my kids would have loved that!

Love your beach picture in the header it's great!

Zelda said... took a good pic! Looks like you were bull-dogging a couple of kids! Get a rope!