Monday, January 24, 2011

Driving me Crazy

Micah is driving me crazy with our barstools. She moves them all around the kitchen so they are always in the way. She also uses them to climb onto the island to get candy out of the candy bowl.   We currently have ones like these.

Maybe if we had one of these adjustable bar stools she wouldn't be able to push them around so much. I'm liking the ones in black since they would match our dining room chairs and benches that we have at our breakfast school table.
Bellini-Modern-Living-Ann-Hydraulic-Lift-BarstoolAldo Bar Stool in BlackNew-Spec-Inc-Barstool-60-Adjustable-Barstool-in-Black

What's driving you crazy today?


knit1kids4 said...

What's driving me crazy today... sinus issues. Makes me cranky.

Hope she stops pushing them around... that would drive me crazy too.

Magnolia Mom said...

I can see how that would get quite old. I'm not driven crazy (yet), just baffled at how college students feel like they are entitled!!

Carrie Moore said...

Today I'm going crazy over the bottom of my jeans being wet because its wet outside.