Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flag Football Game #7

Luke & Cameron were posing for me so I could test my lighting and the flash for the individual and team pictures.
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This was my first “job” as a photographer.  I think most of them turned out ok, but getting a team picture of 10 boys aged 5-7 is very hard!
4x6-1109 646 4x6-1109 640
I didn’t take as many pictures at the game, because by the time it started I was already tired.  Of course, Luke had a couple of melt downs.  Miriam and Levi found a friend (the brother of one on the team) who was sharing snacks, but Levi didn’t get to have his Skittles because he wouldn’t thank the boy.
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4x6-1109 751

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4x6-1109 779 4x6-1109 780
After the game, we attempted to take another group shot because one of the boys didn’t get there until the time of the game.  Those group shots were even worse than the first bunch, because the kids were so tired!  However, after we took the shots, Coach Jason said to do a dog pile.  So these are fun!
4x6-1109 796 4x6-1109 797
4x6-1109 798 4x6-1109 799
Levi & Micah hanging out to see if Miriam was going to cheer…she didn’t…only 2 girls showed up and neither of them were really going to cheer!
4x6-1109 800 4x6-1109 801


Tracy said...

I hope it went well, I thought about you on Saturday! I was taking pics at my Church's Fall Festival.

knit1kids4 said...

Maybe once you view them they will be better than you think? Group pictures are hard.

My senior shots went WONDERFUL! I'm going to ask if I can post my favorites on my blog.