Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran’s Day program

Daddy wanted us to go the Veteran’s Day Program that they were having in Ascension Parish today.  We were all going to go, but he ended up having to work.  At first we weren’t going to go, but the kids said they still wanted to go.  Here is the description of the event from The Advocate:

11 a.m.: Veterans Day program, Veterans Memorial Park on South Irma Boulevard in Gonzales. Retired U.S. Army 1st Sgt Herman Deculas, a Vietnam War veteran, is set as the guest speaker and a choir made up of student from East Ascension, Dutchtown and St. Amant high schools will sing patriotic music. Food will be served.

I was excited about going so I could get my picture for the 365 assignment. I didn’t get as many as I would have liked, because we had to leave early due to behavioral issues.  Here’s some of the ones I got.  I saved one of my favorites for the assignment.  It looked like a really neat little park and I would like to go back another time to photograph it.

4x6-1109 544
4x6-1109 496 4x6-1109 497 4x6-1109 498 4x6-1109 500 4x6-1109 501 4x6-1109 503 4x6-1109 505 4x6-1109 510 4x6-1109 512 4x6-1109 513 4x6-1109 528
4x6-1109 519 4x6-1109 522
4x6-1109 523 4x6-1109 525 4x6-1109 541 4x6-1109 529
4x6-1109 542 4x6-1109 536


Tracy said...

Nice! I like the big Eagle with all the kids!

wendi said...

these are great!!