Monday, November 2, 2009

LSU vs. Tulane Game

Saturday we went to the LSU vs. Tulane game.  5 of us were able to go to the game thanks to Mr. Scott who sits next to us.  He gave us 2 extra tickets.  This was Miriam’s first time to go so I’m glad that I got to go and take pictures.  Aunt Laura, as you requested, I took a bunch of pictures!

Walking to the game

4x6-1009 2537 4x6-1009 2539 4x6-1009 2540
4x6-1009 2541
With the bronze tiger
4x6-1009 2542

4x6-1009 2544

4x6-1009 2543
Former Golden Girls were being honored…most were wearing an outfit to dance in for half-time…I thought it was funny that many of these older ladies were wearing those short skirts!

4x6-1009 2550
4x6-1009 2552 4x6-1009 2554
I was wondering why the flags were at half staff…our former governor, David Treen, died last week.
4x6-1009 2553
4x6-1009 2558
National anthem
4x6-1009 2567
Cheerleaders…do you the see the girl in the 2nd picture?
4x6-1009 2559 4x6-1009 2560 4x6-1009 2561
4x6-1009 2563 4x6-1009 2564 4x6-1009 2571
4x6-1009 2562 4x6-1009 2568 4x6-1009 2569  4x6-1009 2573 4x6-1009 2575
Miriam thought it was a little too loud!
4x6-1009 2583
4x6-1009 2581 4x6-1009 2584 4x6-1009 2586
Game time!
4x6-1009 2588
4x6-1009 2591 4x6-1009 2593 4x6-1009 2610 4x6-1009 2630
4x6-1009 2625
4x6-1009 2632 4x6-1009 2635 4x6-1009 2636 4x6-1009 2640 4x6-1009 2642 4x6-1009 2644
See the green bag of popcorn that Miriam and Cameron are eating…well one of the guys who sits next to us gave them his…
everyone calls him “Popcorn”…maybe this is why!
4x6-1009 2645 4x6-1009 26474x6-1009 2660
4x6-1009 2651 4x6-1009 2653
Mike came out dressed out like Michael Jackson after they showed this video on the big screens
4x6-1009 2665
Half-time…The Golden Band from Tigerland and the Alumni Band played together
4x6-1009 2673 4x6-1009 26774x6-1009 2674
Now see this red bag of popcorn that Luke has…during half-time Mr. Popcorn went and got each of them their own bag of popcorn
4x6-1009 2679
Refreshing the tiger inside
4x6-1009 2682 4x6-1009 2686 4x6-1009 2704
4x6-1009 2683 4x6-1009 2708
Then a little later…Mr. Popcorn gave each of them a bag of skittles (since they didn’t go “trick-or-treating!”)
I told Luke “show me your skittles” and I got the first picture.  I didn’t mean the skittles in your mouth…I meant the bag!
4x6-1009 2691 4x6-1009 2692 4x6-1009 2697 4x6-1009 2721
Trying to take a picture of the moon…but I thought it was cool the light bursts were purple & yellow
4x6-1009 2700
Look I made some pictures…good thing I can hold the camera and take some at arm’s length
  4x6-1009 2710
…although I need to practice angling it correctly so I don’t have a double chin!
4x6-1009 2711
After LSU scores, one of the male cheerleaders usually does some flips!
4x6-1009 2727 4x6-1009 2728 4x6-1009 2729
while the other ones run with the flags
4x6-1009 2730 4x6-1009 27324x6-1009 2731
4x6-1009 27334x6-1009 2734
4th quarter
4x6-1009 2735 4x6-1009 2736 4x6-1009 2737
4x6-1009 2739 4x6-1009 2740
Down, Set, Hut
4x6-1009 2743
Tigers score!  I missed the shot when he turned around and placed the ball over the goal line.
4x6-1009 2744
Miriam giving Mr. “Popcorn” a fist bump!
4x6-1009 2746
Towards the end of the 4th quarter when people were starting to leave, it was time for Miriam to get down and shake her booty!
4x6-1009 2751 4x6-1009 2757 4x6-1009 2761 4x6-1009 2762
4x6-1009 2774
Sitting with Daddy for a little while
4x6-1009 2777
Last touchdown
4x6-1009 2785 4x6-1009 2788 4x6-1009 2790


Tracy said...

Looked like fun and you got some great shots!

Jenn said...

Fun, fun, fun....geaux Tigers!!!!!

Amy said...

You did get some excellent shots. Looks like the kids had a great time. I heard there were a lot of free tickets (people just throwing them down on a table by the door). Amy and Chad took Ella too.

Chelle said...

You got some AWESOME shots!! We LOVE some Tiger Football around here too!

Anonymous said...

you got some amazing shots! Wish I could go to a Buckeye game!