Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Arkansas

On Sunday, the 27th, we drove up to Arkansas to see Craig’s Aunt Ann and her family.  It’s just 2 hours from Monroe so we can go visit and come back in the same day.  We ate lunch with everyone…Aunt Ann, Uncle Leo, Craig’s cousin Randy from Colorado, Craig’s cousin Terri, and her daughter Morgan…even Paw, LaLa, Granny, and Uncle Chris drove up to have lunch, but they had to leave early because LaLa had to work.  After lunch, we visited and the kids played…they got to play with some puppies that Craig’s cousin Terri brought over.
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Carolyn really enjoyed holding the puppy and she was very gentle, unlike Miriam who kept lugging the puppy around.
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Group shot before we left with Aunt Ann, Uncle Leo, Craig’s cousin Terri & Randy
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