Monday, December 14, 2009

Parkview Championship Game

Friday night, we went to see Parkview play in the 3A state championship in the Super Dome.  This is a time when you get to experience the Super Dome, but at a cheaper rate and we had great seats…the first row of the 2nd level.  It was also another opportunity for me to get out and take pictures.  Unfortunately, Parkview lost, but we still had fun.  The boys went back on Saturday to see Craig’s alma mater, Neville, play for the state title in 4A and they also watched part of the West Monroe 5A title game (where Amy went to school).  Both of these teams won!

4x6-1209 213 4x6-1209 212
4x6-1209 224 4x6-1209 211 4x6-1209 2094x6-1209 200 4x6-1209 207 4x6-1209 210
4x6-1209 216 4x6-1209 217 4x6-1209 218 4x6-1209 219

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