Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of Football Season

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we hosted the end of the season party for the flag football team.  Surprisingly, everyone showed up and had a good time even though it was raining.  Most of the kids still went out on the playground and played in the rain!  Coach Jason handed out trophies to the team and said a little something about each kid.  The kids loved the trophies because you could move some of the pieces and they had their names imprinted on them!

4x6-1109 1129 4x6-1109 1134
4x6-1109 1126 4x6-1109 1135 4x6-1109 1136

4x6-1109 1139


Anonymous said...

I love those trophies - how cool!

Tracy said...

Awesome trophies! Now you get your life back right? YEAH!