Monday, December 14, 2009

Jones Creek Christmas Parade

Sunday afternoon we went to the Jones Creek Christmas Parade. Here are some of the highlights

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Luke marched in the parade with his upward basketball team.  He doesn’t have a jersey yet, because we signed him up late.  But he bounced his basketball all the way down Jones Creek and he said he only lost it once.  He really enjoyed it and didn’t even seem to mind that he didn’t know anyone.
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Cameron was into it and would wave his hands!
4x6-1209 315 4x6-1209 319 4x6-1209 324 4x6-1209 325
Miriam racked up on the jewelry and she even got a baby doll!
4x6-1209 297 4x6-1209 3214x6-1209 349
Levi wasn’t sure at first, but once he realized that you got candy, he liked it!
4x6-1209 2824x6-1209 2834x6-1209 3094x6-1209 3104x6-1209 335
Guess who really liked it?  She ate candy…paper and all!
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Daddy got his Saints beads and he kept track of the game on his phone.
4x6-1209 322
When you saw the street sweeper coming, you knew it was over!
4x6-1209 346


Tracy said...

Great shots! Looks like it was warm at least!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... it would be far to cold here for that! Great shots