Monday, December 14, 2009

Cortana Play Day

Friday we went to a playday at Cortana to get our free Santa picture, but this year they didn’t offer the free picture.  So instead we just played and ate Chick-fil-a.

4x6-1209 146
Luke is counting for hide & seek in the first picture and in the other ones, he’s too scared to go down head first on the slide.  He was going to hold Levi’s foot and go down he said.
4x6-1209 158 4x6-1209 160 4x6-1209 162
Cameron kept wanting me to take his picture, but then I usually got the fake smile.
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Miriam had fun playing the drums…all festive in her red & green!
4x6-1209 1614x6-1209 172
Levi really had fun on the slides even going down head first.  At one point, he said he was tired and laid down with his thumb!4x6-1209 147 4x6-1209 157 4x6-1209 171
4x6-1209 151 4x6-1209 155 4x6-1209 169
Micah just had fun climbing on all the stuff...can't you tell?
4x6-1209 175 4x6-1209 176 4x6-1209 177
4x6-1209 178 4x6-1209 179 4x6-1209 180

And me...well it got me out of the house and made me take pictures :)
4x6-1209 1664x6-1209 167


Tracy said...

Well, good! :)

Jenn said...

Too bad you didn't get any santa pics, but you did good shooting those kiddos. I like your self-portrait of just you!! Looks good!