Friday, October 30, 2009


We were supposed to learn a craft that they did in the Middle Ages like knitting, crocheting, weaving, or making a tapestry…well I’m not talented like Aunt Sara or Kristal or Nikki…so we just did the paper weaving!

Miriam weaving hers
4x6-1009 2500 4x6-1009 2502 4x6-1009 2503
Levi weaving his Louisiana Tech colors one
4x6-1009 2504 4x6-1009 2506
Cameron wasn’t too interested in doing it
4x6-1009 25094x6-1009 25104x6-1009 2513
Luke did most of the work on his…I just drew the lines where he needed to cut.
4x6-1009 24994x6-1009 2507 4x6-1009 2508    4x6-1009 25154x6-1009 2517
4x6-1009 25164x6-1009 2520 4x6-1009 2521

4x6-1009 25224x6-1009 25254x6-1009 2523

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Laura said...

If you laminate them, they can be placemats :)