Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow...

Well I'm finally getting to upload my snow pictures from today. Our electricity went off this morning and came on during lunch....but then my internet connection wasn't working.

What our playground looked like when Craig went to work

Frozen bananas anyone?

I had to get a picture with Micah in the snow for her scrapbook

Luke wanted to kick the soccer ball in the snow

The swingset after it had finished snowing

Of course, Levi wanted me to pick him up

Nobody wanted to take a picture...
by the time they got their clothes on it was no longer snowing, but sleeting
that's why they have their hands on their faces...they said it hurt

Luke making a snow ball

Getting ready to throw

Classic Levi

Girlie Girlie didn't mind the snow

Noticed this leaf that looked like a heart

Our house from the street

The kids decided to ride down the driveway into the snow

Our 1st attempt at a snowman

Say cheese!

Cameron wanted a magic hat so he would come alive like Frosty and say "Happy Birthday!"

It's Miriam's turn to ride

Cameron's turn

Our 2nd snowman

Levi eventually got used to the snow
and started bringing me little handfuls to put on the LSU snowman

My snow angel


Amy Shelby said...

I love the pictures and the snow angel is great!

Zelda said...

I love Micah's little red nose!

Laura said...

Too cute! These will be a great treasure for their scrapbooks, since we rarely get snow. I'm jealous that you got snow there (after I leave of course). We didn't even get any sleet here :( Oh well.

Jenn said...

Wonderful pictures!! The kids look great and so does your snow angel.