Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Monroe/Arkansas

Miriam taking a bath in the blue bathtub at Paw's house
because it was her turn to be sick with the stomach bug :(
she threw up in the van on the way to Monroe
1st time in 5 years for that to happen
notice the blue bathtub

Carolyn & Luke in the helmets visiting at GG's house

Earlean & Levi wearing the Saints helmet

The kids visiting at GG & Earlean's

Cameron & Luke in front of the fountain at the Monroe Civic Center

The kids laughing at Aunt Ann's

visiting at Aunt Ann's & Uncle Leo's in Arkansas

Carolyn (our niece) & Craig

Aunt Ann wearing the Saints helmet

Craig's Aunt Ann and cousin Terri

Levi on the John Deere tractor...classic Levi

visiting at Aunt Ann's - Luke took this picture

Micah with some of the toys that we got in Monroe
Miriam gave her these to play with - Miriam's doll and Levi's Tigger

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