Monday, December 22, 2008

Mayan feast...more like a Mexican feast

In honor of the Ancient Mexicans that we studied last week, we had a mexican feast for our Christmas dinner with the Shelbys.

"Maize (indian corn) was domesticated from wild plants by the Mexicans at least as early as 5000 BC...Many types of bean and squash were other staples that ancient Mexico gave to the world. Then as now, the staff of life of the Mexican home was the tortilla...The unventilated hearth rests on stones and supports the circular stone griddle (comal). The maize is ground on the concave stone metate with the aid of a stone roller. The tortillas are formed by patting and clapping with the hands. "
-taken from Life in Ancient Mexico Coloring Book

Since corn was an important part of their culture, we had lots of corn.

Fritos corn chips and homemade salsa (our friend Sarah's recipe)

Fritos corn chips and guacamole

Tostitos scoops and rotel

Homemade chicken enchilalas made with corn tortillas
Goya mexican rice (with corn) and homemade refried black beans
Thanks Amy for the delicious enchiladas and black beans!
Tacos, beans, and rice

The big boys table

Miriam with her plate...notice she has Mexicorn on her plate
Micah even had some corn in her food :)

Looks like she got a lot on her face instead of in her belly :)

Dessert: apple enchiladas, Kahlua chocolate cake with chocolate chips, and ice cream

Emma feeding Levi dessert...
She knows a way to a man's heart :)

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