Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Newsletter

For my blog readers, here's our Christmas newsletter.

Greetings family and friends! Like last year, we would like to tell you a little about what everyone did this year.

Craig (36) – He enjoyed helping coach Luke and Cameron in T-Ball, and then tried his teaching skills with them on the tennis court. He found himself on his lawnmower many times racing them on their Gator and Rhino, with Levi and Miriam riding shotgun. In February, he won his same position on the Republican Party un-opposed, and in August he attended an Upward Sports Conference in Atlanta. At Parkview, he sings with the Ensemble and Choir, and serves on the PBS board.

Candi (33) – She is busy homeschooling Luke and Cameron and is enjoying her new history curriculum, Tapestry of Grace. She has started a blog to document homeschool activities and everyday family life. She hosted a Homeschool Thanksgiving Celebration that totaled 17 families with 60+ kids. She teaches the Preschool/Kindergarten choir and has a good group of very active kids. In her spare time, she tries to scrapbook and keep the website updated.

Luke (5½) – He is in 1st grade this year and thrives in math. He is also reading very well. In fact, Craig got him a 2008 Football Guide at the beginning of football season and he has learned all the NCAA Division I schools and their conferences. He has been known to quiz you. He recently made a comment that he was the only kid in Kindergarten choir that knew anything about football. Daddy has been able to take him to many football games this year. He & Daddy also took a father/son retreat to Fontainebleau State Park where he learned about the “Armor of God” and tithing.

Cameron (4) – He is in Preschool this year and has learned to write his name (even on our leather couch). He is now old enough to sing in Children’s Choir this year, but we don’t know how much he really sang, considering he was standing by a girl. J He enjoys playing with cars and guns, and being drug along to LSU football games.

Both Luke and Cameron participated in these events this spring/summer: PeeWee tennis lessons at the YMCA, T-ball at the church, and swimming lessons at the YMCA.

Miriam (2½) – She is becoming a big girl. She started potty training in November and is almost trained. She is known for being rough and tough, but she loves “girly” things. She likes anything pink or “pwincess” and always wants to wear pretty shoes, bows, and jewelry.

Levi (1½) – In April, he celebrated his 1st birthday with a Levi’s Jeans themed party. He likes playing with balls and throwing things. He’s starting to talk really well. He’s a mama’s boy and has started becoming a little trouble-maker now that’s he’s more mobile.

Micah (7 months) – On May 21st Micah Ann was born; she weighed 9 lbs 2 oz and was 20” long. She’s eating her fruits and vegetables well and is growing so big. Someone asked Cameron about her and he said that she had big legs. She smiles often and is very content as long as she can suck her two middle fingers and her big sister or big brother are not messing with her.

We were very blessed to be able to purchase a big playground installed on a golf turf. This has given us an opportunity to have playdays and birthday parties at our home. We enjoy having friends and family over.

Here are some highlights of family activities this past year –
LSU National Championship Celebration (Jan), Kids’ Parade (Feb), LSU Vet School (March), Camping with Trinity Baptist (March), Strawberry Patch (April), Hornets Playoff Games (May), Memorial Day Concert (May), Granny visiting (May), GeeGee & Earleen visiting (May), Vacation Bible School (June), July 4th Parade in Monroe, Pumpkin Patch (October), Hurricane Gustav (Sept), Port Hudson Civil War Day (Nov), Parkview Football games, Snow-Storm (Dec. 11th)

Trips – Monroe (July, Aug, Nov, Dec), Clinton (April, July, Sept, Nov), Arkansas (July, Nov, Dec), Ragsdale’s camp (July), Mike & Wendy’s Wedding Celebration (Aug), Gulf Shores with all the Lindsay’s and most of the Stanford’s (Sept), LSU Games (Auburn, Arkansas, Chick-Fil-A Bowl), Independence Bowl (Dec)

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and please do not forget the reason for it in all the busyness. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17


Tracy said...

Great pictures and sounds like a great year...except the Hurricane and SNOW!

Laura said...

Where'd you take the pictures? They're really good. Classic Micah with the finger sucking :)

Candi said...

Portrait innovations...of course, Micah wasn't happy when we took the pictures...but before and after she was :)

You'll be getting yours in the mail maybe before Christmas...if not then afterwards.

Jenn said...

What beautiful pictures y'all had done. The kids look precious. Sounds like y'all had a busy yet productive year. I like how you did your letter like that. I think I may try that next year. Have a wonderful Christmas and great New Year start!!