Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Wall

We're currently studying about the Great Wall.
One of the facts we've learned:
the wall is 6 horses wide at the top, 8 horses wide at the bottom, and 5 men tall
So in honor of our study of ancient China and the Great Wall,
I decided to take a trip to the Great Wall...
that is the restaurant :)

(You know me & my themes!)

We were out running errands today already and so it gave us a chance to eat lunch with Daddy.
I caught Craig in the middle of chewing :)

Cameron wanted me to take a picture of him drinking from the straw

Miriam's fortune cookie said the following:
"You have a strong and sensitive personal nature."
We thought this definitely described her!

We learned this week that rice is very important to the Chinese.
"Everywhere you look in southern China, people are growing rice... A bad harvest can mean there is not enough food to go around. The whole family helps to bring in the rice, even little children...Rice is still grown the same way today as it was 2,000 years ago...If you live in the country, most of your meals will include rice. That is why the rice harvest is so important."
-taken from You Are In Ancient China


Amy Shelby said...

This was great! Looking forward to being able to get together soon.
With Much Love,

Tracy said...

also if you don't eat every GRAIN of rice from your plate, it is disrespecting the Farmer! So, don't take more than you can eat! We are SOOO wasetful here in the USA!

Laura said...

YUM! I want some sunflower chicken!!! Miriam's fortune cookie was SO true... although it wasn't really a "fortune"... of course, they never are!