Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with the Shelbys

Miriam and Emma taking pictures...
here comes trouble times two!

Miriam kept sticking her tongue out when Amy was trying to take her & Emma's picture

Micah...always smiling :)

Jedi Tate

Boys will make weapons out of anything...
Ian with his golf club sword

Knight Cade
Micah trying to give Sarah a hug

It's hard to take a picture of 12 kids under the age of 9.

and also hard to take a picture of the adults when the next oldest to take a picture is 9 :)

There she is smiling again :)

The Shelby boys opening their big box

Everybody getting out their knights armor


Abram & Cai


Cameron with the horn that Miriam got for her new bike

Miriam with her new My Little Pony bike helmet
Levi with Emma's new magnetic dress up dolls
Miriam "reading" the devotional book that Luke got
This troublemaker definitely needs to read that

There's that troublemaker!


Tracy said...

I love the Adult picture! He got the WHOLE Christmas tree in it too! LOL!

Candi said...

There were others that Cade took, but this one didn't show my belly :)