Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Luke & Cameron's Thanksgiving trip with Daddy

Craig took Luke & Cameron on a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thursday, they went to Arkansas to have Thanksgiving with the Lindsays and the Pitchfords at Craig's Aunt Ann's house. Here they are after playing flag football.

From L to R - Cameron, Craig, Austin (Craig's cousin's son), Randy (Craig's cousin), Chris (Craig's brother), Lee (Craig's brother), Lauren (Craig's sister-in-law), Luke

Hanging out with Uncle Leo & Aunt Ann

Friday, they went to the LSU/Arkansas game...unfortunately LSU lost. Luke was so upset that he cried after the game.

Here they are in front of the real razorback, Tusk II

Saturday, they went to the Louisiana Tech/Nevada game...unfortunatley Tech lost as well. (It was a bad football weekend. Parkview lost and so did the Saints.)

After the Tech game, they got to visit with their cousin Carolyn.

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