Friday, February 27, 2009

Baton Rouge Zoo 2

Today we went to the Baton Rouge Zoo for a playday.

The looks on Miriam & Levi's faces speaks volumes.
Now she's being sweet!

(Tate was able to come with us today now that they live closer)

not sure what she's doing, but it was still a cute pic

our favorite bird at the zoo...sometimes he talks to us

I was just going to take a picture of Miriam in front of the azaleas,
but Luke wanted to take a group shot.

The whole group

she even wore her jewelry to the zoo,
but of course I would only let her wear the ones that matched :)

6 little monkeys....
hanging out on the monkey fence

the biggest monkey
Cameron asked him why he kept climbing in the trees and he said because I like to.
Then Cameron said "You like to do the wrong thing?"

in front of the giraffes

Miriam in front of the giraffe because she had on a giraffe shirt

Tate was pulling Levi like this in the stroller...Levi thought it was funny

This is "Mommy, take a picture of me"
Sherry trying to take a picture of all the babies
Cameron in the hippo's mouth
Tate jumping
Luke jumping

If you look closely, he's holding his breath...
guess he got used to doing this from jumping in the pool
Miriam jumping
I see you!
Praire dog
washing their hands after going to the petting zoo
Caleb was talking to Micah
Then he gave her a kiss

Reace wanted to push Levi
Luke & Tate running with Levi...notice Luke & Tate's faces
and then Levi's

Miriam running to catch up

Tate carrying Levi back to the stroller
in front of the zebras...since Luke had a zebra shirt on
it was a beautiful day...warm and windy...perfect day
for a sunburn :)
Luke holding Miriam's hand to encourage her to hurry up to ride the train
He told me he was holding her hand, because this is what Daddy does to encourage her to come.
running to go ride the train

waiting to get on the train
climbing on the rails
sitting on the wall waiting to get on the train
Ms. Sherry rode with the babies...
Micah trying to get her hat
now she's trying to get Aryee's bow

It's hard to tell in this picture, but Luke & Tate didn't sit by us on the train.
They sat way up in the front...behind the guy in the striped shirt.

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Tracy said...

A great day and fab pics! Great job!