Monday, February 9, 2009

Cracker Sundae

Part of Cameron's school work was to make a cracker see if he could follow directions with multiple steps

I had him put the flashcards of 1-5 in order...which he did great. Then I put the ingredients for the cracker sundae by each number.

Step 1 - get a cracker

Step 2 - spread peanut butter on the cracker

Step 3 - put on a banana slice (look at that concentration)

Step 4 - put on some jelly

Step 5 - put on some raisins - I used yogurt raisins because Cameron likes these :)

Step 6 - Enjoy! They actually ended up having these for a quick lunch.

Step 7 - lick the peanut butter off the knife , of course


Taryn said...

Great idea! Go Cameron! Now switch the order and see what happens......... LOL!

Zelda said...

Looks like in Step 3 he had his tongue sticking out...Candi you know your Dad does that when he is concentrating! Oh that DNA!