Sunday, February 22, 2009

LSU Basketball Game

Last night, we went to the LSU basketball game to see them play Auburn.
Miriam cheering on the tigers

Say cheese!

Uncle Chris (Craig's brother) came in for the game

Silly Cameron Bob

Pucker up!

I forgot to turn on the flash for this one, but this one was better than the one with the flash

Like father, like son

Cameron took this one of the actual basketball game

Getting close to the end...we have to stand up

They won the game and the Cane's challenge.
4 boys & a belly...every shot that I took from this position Miriam's belly was hanging out

Dancing after the game

This wasn't a good picture of Luke because he has a tendency to blink (like Father, like son)...
but I wanted to put it on here because he looks like a mini Craig


Laura said...

What? No pigtails on Miriam?? I'm so proud :) Where's Levi & Micah? Did they get left behind?

sherry said...

love the pic of miriam dancing! although, they are all good :)