Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping - Day 1

We went camping at Feliciana Retreat Center with our Trinity friends again this year. We left on Thursday and came home on Saturday.

We went in the truck so Miriam got to sit in the "Boston" seat and Micah sat in the booster seat.
Luke & Cameron rode with the Shelbys in their van since they had plenty of room.
This was at the Walmart parking lot when Craig & Amy went inside to get ice.
I had a hard time taking this picture because Ian & Cai wouldn't be still...imagine that!
Silly boys!

Unlike Amy's, our ride up was very quiet...

Micah sleeping
Levi sleeping

even Miriam slept since her big brothers weren't there to keep her awake

Cameron & Micah hanging out on the blanket while Daddy put the tent together

Cameron helping Daddy hammer in the stakes

What a big help!

Amy, took this picture of me since I'm usually not in the pictures.

Miriam looking at the cintronella candle

Levi with his new "crocs"
Cameron in front of the campfire...blinded by my flash!
even out in the middle of nowhere Daddy still had to catch up with his iPhone...
he said it was like using dial-up!
Night Night!
(Notice we separated Miriam & Levi)

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Tracy said...

looks like a fun trip! Love the iphone!! hee hee