Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping - Day 2

The 2nd day of camping was the busiest as you will see from this post.

Micah taking a nap right after breakfast...she was sick with a fever most of the weekend
(Like Mother, Like Daughter)

Luke went canoeing with Uncle Rob and Tate
Daddy took Cameron & Miriam canoeing

Levi went in the paddle boat with Amy & me

Rob, Tate & Luke

I love Miriam's expression in this picture

Action shot of Cade & Ian...they were big enough to go out on their own

I think Levi was trying to take a little nap during the ride

Uncle Rob, Tate & Luke in the paddle boat
they had this little bridge that I thought would be great in pictures
I love this's like she posing
Cameron and his stick

Miriam & Levi on the bridge
I love this one of Levi!
Cameron in front of the cross

Mrs. Pat & I took out Levi, Miriam, Cai & Cameron in the paddle boat

Pastor Dale taking pictures

I told him that he was the "pastorazzi"

The boys putting up the canoe

What's gonna work? Team work!

Sarah & Micah hanging out during lunch time

Luke climbing the rock wall

He did a great job...I didn't think he would be able to do it

He had some trouble when he got close to the top, but the man pulled him up a little to help him and Uncle Rob and Mr. Cesar coached him the rest of the way.

Getting attached to the zipline
I thought he was going to be too scared to go
but there he goes...Craig said his face was priceless

Tate was waiting to help get him down

Daddy's turn to climb

Waiting at the top




Daddy was worn out from a day of canoeing (he had to do all the work paddling), playing t-ball with the kids, and climbing the rockwall

Luke trying to roast the hotdogs for supper

After supper, Uncle Rob took the kids on a "hayride" in his trailer & truck
Daddy & Micah...he doesn't look too comfortable, does he?
Luke & Cameron rode in the bed of the truck

Of course, Levi was clung to me...that's why Daddy calls him a Klingon
I liked this picture of Levi...his eyes looked cool

I took this picture upside down
Micah on the hayride

Luke took this picture of us during the hayride that's why its blurry

Amy & I at the end of Day 2

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