Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meadowview Stables

Today we had a fieldtrip to Meadowview Stables which is behind our house. The owner, Mrs. Sam, goes to our church and is Cameron's Sunday School teacher. She graciously agreed to have our homeschool group come and tour the stables and ride the horses...FOR FREE!

Checking out the horses
Waiting in line
Playing in the dirt

Luke wanted to wear his cowboy hat because the Shelbys were wearing theirs

Cameron and Mrs. Bobby (who also goes to our church)

looks like he had fun

on the other hand, Levi didn't
Miriam doesn't look too sure

Luke using the curry comb

Cameron using the curry comb and Miriam using the body brush

Levi showing me the brush

He wanted to brush the horse but
then he kept getting distracted by one of the other horses in the stall

helping him brush

look at that horse!

This horse had 2 different color eyes...this side was blue

Luke feeding the horse a treat

Miriam giving the horse a treat...of course she didn't do it the way you were supposed to

Ms. Lindsay feeding the baby a treat
and of course Mommy gets one too!

Mommy & baby

close up

Another one of Mommy & baby
I took this one right before we crawled through the fence to go back home

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Jenn said...

Beautiful horses!! Looks like the FT was lots of fun!