Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Levi Bevi!

Today is Levi's 2nd birthday...He's starting to talk more and throw more temper tantrums!
Of course he's still a mama's boy or a "klingon" as Daddy calls him.

1 day old at the hospital

The whole family...
it's a tradition for the kids to get these shirts and to take a family picture
Leaving the hopsital

This is what we used for his birth announcements...
we cut a slit where the pocket was and inserted the following picture

on the back of the picture was this Levi's tag with all his info

We used this picture for the thank you notes


His #1 birthday cake - the one for him to destroy
(Thanks to Aunt Sara who did a great job making it look like the Levi's logo)

tasting his cake
he reminds me of a superhero in this picture

I just took this picture of him last week


Sara said...

happy birthday levi!! no picture of the levi bag? haha

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Levi Bevi! I can't believe he's 2. They grow way too fast!!! We'll see you this weekend. YAY!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday announcements and thank you card! The cake was cook too!!!

He has gotten so big!!!

Zelda said...

Levi you are becoming such a big "little" man! Happy B-day!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! And how creative are you! Wow!