Monday, April 6, 2009

T-Ball Game 1

Saturday was Luke & Cameron's first t-ball game for this season. This is their 2nd year to play.

Daddy & Luke out in the field

Luke checking out where his ball went...

his first hit was a really good one that rolled way out into the outfield, but it was a foul ball

Cameron was the last batter on the team

Cameron running home

Don't they look like they're ready? LOL!

Levi, of course, stayed close to me

Micah just chilling

Doesn't it just look like she's up to something?

Luke's 2nd bat
Cameron's 2nd bat

Luke running home...notice the kid in the background throwing his glove in the air!

Cameron running home
Good game!

This dad and the little girl played on our team last year


Laura said...

Yay! Thanks for posting so I can catch up on what's going on there. I hope we can make it down there for at least 1 game this year. Oh.. so Miriam looks just like you in that picture!

Jenn said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Great pictures!