Monday, April 27, 2009

Greek comedy & tragedy masks

Continuing with our study of ancient Greece, we learned that many words related to drama and theater such as chorus & scenery originated in ancient Greece.

"All the actors were male, and they all played multiple roles, so a mask was used to show the change in character or mood. Masks challenged the actors to portray their characters' feelings in more subtle ways, with voice and body language, since they couldn't use facial expressions. The two masks are now used as the symbol for theater, in memory of its origins in ancient Greece. "
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Here's our comedy masks

and tragedy masks

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Amy said...

Looks good. Don't think I will get ant in this week except the ones they do at your house tomorrow. How will you work it if siome of the older ones come with me? Ithink it is going to be Cade, Cai and Abram going with me. Not sure about Ian but Tate said that Luke needed him!!