Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Taking a decent Easter picture is nearly impossible...
I took 51 of the kids by themselves and these are the best that I came up with

Notice Miriam holding Micah's face for her to look and Aunt Sara's flip flop is in the picture too


I liked this because nobody was really looking at me...
but I like how Cameron & Micah are looking at each other

This is before we took Levi's goldfish away from him

Pretty good...at least everyone has a more natural smile and Micah is in her classic pose

I cropped this one because it was great of Levi

Micah was actually looking in this one

Here we go again trying to take a picture of 12 kids 9 and under

Attempt at a Lindsay/Shelby family shot...
We weren't sure where to look because 2 people were taking the picture
Levi found an egg with help from ZeeZee

Another egg found

Here's the egg

Miriam found one with the help of PawPaw

If anyone knows my dad (PawPaw) then you know he hides the eggs hard...
Ian was the one that found all the hard eggs...
Amy said does this mean that Ian thinks like PawPaw?

Here's some pictures that Sara took:

My uncle Brian swinging

Levi going to look for an egg


Amy said...

We had a great time. I haven't looked at our Easter pictures yet. Been too busy trying to get the camping posts done. Almost done once I get Tate's video uploaded. Then, I will sort through the many pictures we took of the groups.

L y s h a said...

I like the 2nd one.

Zelda said...

PawPaw always likes to give a challenge when it comes to hiding those Easter eggs...I guess Ian was up to the challenge. Good job Ian!