Sunday, April 19, 2009

LSU Baseball Game

Friday night we went to the LSU baseball game versus Tennessee. It was part of the LSU Super Fan weekend. If you went to 4 events, you received a free t-shirt.

Cameron wasn't too happy about going...
he thought that if he stayed home with PawPaw & ZeeZee
he would be able to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii
When we got there, Mike was near our section
so Daddy got him to sign Luke and Cameron's hats
We had a great view of the new softball stadium (you can see the lights in the background)

and also the Mississippi River Bridge
(well you could if I had taken a better picture...LOL!)

LSU won 17-3.

This is LSU's new Alex Box Stadium that just opened this season.
It was neat to go because my dad did alot of the prep work in and around the stadium.

Of course I tried to take a group shot afterwards...
the bill on my hat closed the flash so this one didn't turn out
but of course that was the one where they were all looking...
the rest looked like this :)

After the game, the players pulled this tarp over the infield expecting the rain that was supposed to come overnight.

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