Sunday, April 26, 2009

Children's Choir

Tonight was our Children's Choir Spring Musical, Life School Musical. In order to keep my preschool/kindergarten choir occupied while we waiting for our turn to see, I took pictures of them.

We sang a song called "Bugs" so the girls wore bug costumes and the boys wore bug t-shirts and home-made antennas.
Doing the "Bugs" choreography
Silly face!

Waiting in the hallway

and trying to keep them quiet

Cameron and Leah Carrie

My girls

The boys...what a handful!

Costume Change...Life School Musical Shirts

Doing School's Out Choreography

School's Out final pose
More silly faces!
Luke, Eli & Cameron

The boys
The girls
Luke, Leah Carrie & Cameron
After it was over, because I couldn't take pictures of the actual program. I was too busy with the kids plus we don't like flash photography to be used during the program.


Jenn said...

What a cute group of kiddos you've got!

Tracy said...

Awesome!!! Love the Bugs!

Carrie Moore said...

GREAT pictures!! It was such a fun program!

Sara said...

cameron seems to smile with his bottom teeth... interesting