Monday, July 6, 2009

Horse Camp

Last week I found that Mrs. Sam was having a horse camp for preschool age kids at Meadow View Stables...the one behind our house.

We decided that this might be a good opportunity for Cameron to be able to go to camp. It's helpful to me since he can just climb the fence to get there. Also he felt comfortable going because Mrs. Sam is his Sunday School teacher and some other church friends were going to be there.

Climbing the fence

Luke & Cameron checking out some of the horses before the camp started
Can you see him through the trees?

Using the digital zoom

Riding the horses...notice Luke & Levi are peeking through the fence to see him

He made this visor today

One of the helpers drew a pretty good horse on the visor for him.


Tracy said...

Does she do camp for teens???

Amy said...

Fun! I bet it is neat for Cameron to know his siblings are watching him through the fence. Does it last all week?