Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Beds

This weekend we got a new set of bunk beds so we did some rearranging. We set up just one of the new beds in the boys room for Levi (same configuration as before but just a new bed). Here's the boys in Levi's new bed.

We used the bed that Levi was using to match it back together with it's bunk in the girls room. Here's Micah in her new bed. (Yes we move our kids into real beds at early do the's worked really well for both of us!)

The girls in Micah's new bed...
(Miriam got to move to the top bunk but somehow I forgot to take a picture of that)

So yesterday when I went to check on Micah after nap time this is what I found

She was sitting on the windowsill between her bed & the window...
with her bunny and her fingers of course!

She thought it was funny when her siblings came in to see her that way!

New definition of window seat!


Tracy said...

We moved both of ours out of the crib at early ages too...Fireman so Ladybug could have the crib. He went to a regular size twin with a railing added....and ladybug went to a toddler bed and then Full size very soon after!

Jenn said...

I couldn't help but smile at the last two pictures. How precious!!!! She probably feels so big now in a big girl bed. We moved all of ours to big beds early too.

Katie said...

These are some cute pictures!