Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend - Part 3.1 - Children's Parade

Saturday morning we went out to a children's parade at Triangle Park in Monroe. This is just a neighborhood gathering where kids decorate their bikes, scooters, tricycles, wagons, etc.

Replica of the Liberty Bell

Pretty girl


Miriam & Daddy listening to the emcee

Luke saying the pledge...he removed his hat because the emcee told him to

Cameron saying the pledge...obviously he didn't listen to the part about removing your hat

James Monroe, the 5th President, spoke...this is who Monroe was named after

Some soldiers

Ringing the Liberty Bell 13 times in honor of the 13 colonies


a great shot of's usually hard to get a good one of him

Mom's Little Sparkler

Marching in the parade

The kids with Paw & LaLa

Miriam & Paw

They passed out free watermelon & bottled water.

Look how messy his face is!

Micah even got a little piece

Hey look I made a picture...I asked Daddy to take it!

Mama's boy

Walking back to the car after the festivities


Tracy said...

A lot of great shots in there!

Laura said...

Miriam & I are looking at your posts. She's giving me some commentary. That first pic of Micah is REALLY good!

Chelle said...

Lots of nice photos!! It looks like you had a great time.