Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend - Part 3.4 - Fireworks

We decided to just park the van at Parkview and watch the fireworks on the golf course.

Looking at the golf hole...Luke was taking a picture of it
Dad's Mr. Independent

Luke - my 2nd shooter

Cam Bob - taken by Luke

Luke - self portrait

Miriam, Mommy & Levi - taken by Luke

Waiting for the fireworks - taken by Luke

Luke - taken by Cameron

Watching the fireworks

I don't know how well these turned out since we weren't really close to the levee and there were street lights. I used the advice that was on Digital Photography School...I shot in bulb mode, 200 ISO, manual focus, f/5.6.

Fireworks video recorded (& narrated by Luke)

Fireworks finale

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Tracy said...

Fun light show!