Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last Day of Horse Camp

Friday was the last day of horse camp for Cameron. We went over while they were riding to take some pictures and video.

This is what happened when I tried to take the first picture. It was so steamy that my camera fogged up. It was already extremely hot and muggy at 9:30 in the morning.

Today they rode bareback.
Cameron rode Prince today.


One counselor held his back while the other one led the horse
Riding bareback

Taking a break in the shade

This is the horse that Cameron rode all the other days...and his favorite!

Around 10:30, Mrs. Sam called us and said that Luke could come over to participate in the scavenger hunt. Here they are reading the clues. Mrs. Sam is giving them a hint!

Going to find the next clue

Cameron workingwatching the counselor work on his craft

Picking up candy from the pinata

Mrs. Sam passed out these to the boys at the camp

She also gave one to Luke...but one of the other older campers wanted one and Mrs. Sam didn't have any Luke willingly gave his up...I was very proud of him!

One of the fun activities that they got to do Thursday and Friday was to fingerpaint a horse...not a craft horse like I thought, but an actual live horse.

Cameron, Luke, and MC painting the horse

Luke painting his name

He attempted to write Luke Lindsay but he was having a little trouble.

Cameron & his new friend MC or we should call him Bon Jovi b/c he kept talking about Bon Jovi
(FYI...this was the boy that Luke gave his pirate eye patch to)


Tracy said...

WOW, painting on a horse so cool! How nice of least you have a great picture of him wearing it!

Amy said...

Great pics...I looked at the 1st picture several times before I read your caption and thought I was having trouble with my computer:) Glad I read the caption to know everything was ok!

Anonymous said...

So hot your camera fogged up? Oh how I love ohio!

Nice shots!