Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jambalaya Park

Today I took Luke & Levi to the Jambalaya Park sprayground in Gonzales for a playday.

Levi was whining because he was wet...he wanted me to take his swim shirt off
He was barely wet!
Finally he's trying it out...first his hand

Now his foot...notice he's still holding my hand though!

Finally he got used to he's getting his body wet

Now his face!

I love Levi's expression in this one! They were trying to drink the water.

Standing on the holes where the water comes out
He's trying to lick the water ...
notice his swimsuit falling down...good thing I put the smaller size swimsuit on him

More drinking

Trying to step on both holes

I love the MCP Action Touch of helps to brighten up the shade from hat

Looking to see when the water will fall

Sorry I forgot that you're not supposed to do the movie sideways...
I haven't figured out to rotate it


Tammy Cloud said...

great pictures. is there anyway you can give me the address to this place. looks very fun. was it very crowded?? my email is thanks girl

Amy said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun! We will have to go sometime especially since it is not far from us and it's free..hahaha.

Tracy said...

We were invited there a few weeks ago and haven't gone yet! I did here they may be a height limit though...think my 2 are too big?

Love the pics!!! and the crying on! LOL