Thursday, July 30, 2009

Houston Trip - Day 2

We spent the weekend at my Uncle Randy & Aunt Pam's House. Micah really enjoyed climbing their stairs.
Can't you tell?
Part of the reason for going to Houston was to celebrate my MawMaw's 80th birthday...
We went to lunch near her nursing home and then we took the following pictures.

It's hard to get a good picture when you have...

5 kids under 6, multiple cameras, and a person with Alzheimers

Look...I actually got to be in some pictures...

Craig took the following:
Uncle Eric & Micah

C Bob



Then I got the camera back...
my Dad, MawMaw & Uncle Randy

My parents with MawMaw

After lunch, we went to McDonald's to get ice cream and to let the kids play...
b/c my aunt said my MawMaw enjoys watching children play
Micah shared an ice cream cone with Aunt Laura
Let me have a lick!

Cameron drinking some of Daddy's shake

Sad face

Mommy & Micah

Thanks Aunt Sara for capturing this one

Levi tickling Micah

oops...he was a little too rough!

Craig had to make a conference call while we were there
so he was on the other side of the window

We spent the rest of the day shopping...but not me...Craig!
He loves to shop for good deals...especially when he's in Houston.


Tracy said...

LOL. my Dh loves to shop too! Love the first one of Micah eating Ice cream and you tickling!

Jenn said...

How sweet to be able to go visit your grandmother like that. Does she still know who you are??? My gramps didn't even know us by the time he passed away. He was 97.

Looks like Micah took a fall at some point, but the ice cream sure seemed to make it all better!!!

Amy said...

OK, the second group shot with the kids,sisters, and grandma turned out really good.

Looks like a lot of fun. I didn't realize it was her 8oth birthday. That explains why everyone went that weekend! :)