Thursday, July 30, 2009

Houston Trip - Day 1

I'm finally getting around to editing my pictures from our trip to Houston last weekend.

On Friday afternoon, we left for Houston to visit some of Craig's family and some of mine.

Since it was daylight, we stopped at the Texas Welcome Center. Here's Micah "stretching her legs" for a bit inside.

We have to take a picture in front of the BIG star when we can. Cameron was wondering who was going to take our picture and a gentleman volunteered.

The kids inside Texas

Levi holding the basketball that Luke got at camp
(We picked up Luke from camp and then headed on our way to Texa)
Being silly in the van
(taken in the mirror on the visor)

Luke being silly

We went to Uncle Lee & Aunt Lauren's to swim

Then we ate supper: fried catfish, tater tots & green beans.

and watermelon and chocolate pie for dessert.

Tired after swimming

Group pic with Uncle Lee & Aunt Lauren...of course Bear had to get into the picture too!

On a different note, Lauren is 25 weeks pregnant and started bleeding on Monday evening. She has been admitted to Woman's Hospital of Houston for the foreseeable future. Her placenta is the problem and they're hoping that they can at least hold her off until 28 weeks. Please put her & Lee on your prayer list. They're having a little girl and they went through many fertility treatments to get pregnant.

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Tracy said...

I love the picture of Luke being silly! Great one!

Sorry about your SIL, I pray they can keep that baby in , until it's time!