Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend - Part 3.2 - Swimming & Lunch at Paw's

Levi got to sit in the baby ring since Micah was taking a nap

Cameron being silly
Another one of Levi

Luke had an awesome time going down the slide

Getting ready

Playing a game with Daddy...trying to hit the ball as he comes off the slide

Daddy's turn down the slide

Head first

Almost there


Luke's turn again





Hanging out

the princess

Miriam & Daddy


off the diving board

doing his version of cannonballs...
(Almost looks like he's walking on water here)

Miriam & Daddy again

More jumping

and cannonballs (indian style)

After swimming, the kids enjoyed their bbq chicken legs that Paw cooked.

Doesn't take after her mommy!

Micah hanging out


Jenn said...

Love the walking on water one. You could use that to show kiddos what Peter did!!

L y s h a said...

Love the ones of Craig going down the slide.