Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ancient Roman clothing

Today we talked about what clothes the Romans wore:

Women wore a stola and sometimes a palla over it.
(Of course, she chose to go put the crown on!)

Men wore a toga

Sandals were laced to the knee

Palla were often fastened at the shoulders with fancy pins

Amy, don't feel too bad...mine were all kind of "ghetto" as Sara would say. I kept all the stuff so the boys can try them on when they come over.


Amy said...

You knew I was going to comment. My boys would be so jealous if I so them this post because they wanted to do that but we didn't. They may think I'm a terrible mommy if they see this:(

Did you make the shoes, too?

Sara said...

as i would say? i lived in the ghetto of ruston, or close to it.

Tracy said...

Cool! Love the crown she added....the shoes are FABULOUS...I want some!

Jenn said...

Now those are some cool sandals!!

Zelda said...

Roman sandals are "in" this summer...just check out any store or website! rock! This is awesome and you said you weren't crafty!