Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Here's some of the things that I got for Mother's Day:

The card that Cameron made in Sunday School

Notice how old he said I was (but he was closer to my age than some of the other guesses in his class: 13, 85)...a while ago I asked him how old Daddy was and he said 60 so at least Daddy was still older....LOL!

The card Miriam made in her class

Luke made this plant holder

The flower that gave with Luke's present

Close-up of the flower...which my mom said was an impatient...
which I thought was funny to give for mother's day

Luke's coloring

On Thursday night while I was at Bible study, Craig took the kids to the mall to buy me a mother's day present. This is what Cameron picked out:

This is what Luke picked out:

For mother's day dinner, Craig fixed tuna steaks and grilled vegetables.


Jenn said...

Cute cards and yummy tuna!!

Tracy said...

Yum is right....DH made Salmon steaks and regular steak this week too.

Lovely gifts! I love hoe you look the prettiest when you wear earrings!