Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last week I reorganized the cabinets in our school/guest room. I decided to store most of our books in the storage room out in the barn just because they don't fit well in our storage cabinets. However, I did leave a handful of books out in a box for the kids to read. I took the idea from the Happy Housewife's blog about a book basket.

So I caught Luke reading to the other kids a couple of times this week. Right here, he was reading the book "I Love You Stinky Face"

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Tracy said...

I have done that for years...not a basket...but whatever we are studying in History, Science, or just good books I find from the library...they get put out on the table in the school room. I will catch the kids looking at them or reading them...sometimes they go the whole time without touching them, but it's rare. And no harm done if they don't get read 'cause I didn't buy them!I just return them when they are due.