Friday, May 15, 2009

Miskelly Furniture

Today after Craig realized we were going the wrong direction on the interstate, we stopped at Miskelly Furniture since it was at the exit we were turning around at. Also, that way Craig said it didn't count as a u-turn.

They have this globe right inside the front entrance with the Matthew 28:19 inscribed on it. It's similar to the one inside the Baton Rouge zoo....just smaller.

Inside the kids section they had this display of Noah's ark
Miriam wanted me to take a picture of her on this bed

They also have a carousel in the kids section

Look I actually made a picture...
Craig had the camera b/c Levi was scared of the carousel horse so we ended up on the bench
They have a cafe in the building as well with complimentary drinks.
Miriam picked Sprite

This would have been a cute pic if it would have focused on his face
Levi was having Diet Coke because we were sharing
Luke had Sprite, Craig got coffee, and Cameron picked Coke
(although he told Craig he had Diet Coke)

Levi was saying "Take a picture of me"

Cameron came over to the table to take a pic with Miriam & Levi, but neither of them were looking so I just cropped Cameron out because it was a good picture of him

Can't you just see that attitude written across her face?

They also had this kids room with these climbing pads and a tv.

Luke climbing thru the tunnel...I hate when I have to use the flash with him & Cameron because it always makes them blink...another reason to get an external flash

Micah even got to get out and play

She kept trying to pull herself up with this toy...maybe it means she'll be standing soon

notice Luke's watching the tv...they had it on the Disney Channel

Miriam wanted me to take her picture on this, but first I took it without the flash and it looked too dark. Then I took it with the flash and it washed her out. So I decided on the darker one. Another reason to get an external flash and to take Tracy's photoshop class...LOL!
Oh so silly!

I cropped them out because it was a pretty good picture of them.

a random picture of one of the bushes outside the store

It feels like I took more pictures in the furniture store than I did at the museum. Go figure...guess it depends on my mood and the fact that Laura wasn't with us.


Tracy said...

Wow! Neat store!

Jenn said...

Now that is a neat furniture store! Great pictures too!

Andrew said...


Thanks for sharing useful information.

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