Monday, May 18, 2009

Indian Lanes Bowling

While we were still in Clinton, yesterday after church and lunch, we went to Indian Lanes to bowl with Uncle Eric & Aunt Laura.

Micah just hung out in the stroller

Miriam got to bowl for a little while...she kept trying to put her fingers in the holes
Look at that attitude!

She's focused!

Aunt Laura's turn

Daddy's turn

Daddy again

Cameron's turn

I thought it was funny that he was doing this

Miriam's turn again

Luke's turn

He had a good bowl!

Levi got a chance too!

Miriam again!

Uncle Eric & Aunt Laura
Don't they look tired? Hanging out with us is exhausting!
Levi his eyes!

Cameron picking out his ball

Luke "throwing a fit" because he wasn't bowling's not the same as Wii bowling!

Daddy talking to Luke & Cameron

Aunt Laura won the first game...we said it was because she had her own ball and shoes!

Aunt Laura & Levi

Cameron Bob and his big blue eyes

Micah with her fingers...of course!

Miriam was being my 2nd shooter


Good job, Cameron Bob!

Aunt Laura - my 2nd shooter

Smile and take a good picture and then I'll let you play with my camera!
She must have taken a good picture! LOL!

Luke crying because he wasn't doing well...he's not a good loser!
My turn

of course, I have to smile...
Aunt Laura took this one

taking more pictures!


Jenn said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Zelda said...

Miriam is such a "fashion diva"...she even wears her jewels to the bowling alley.