Friday, May 22, 2009

Baton Rouge Zoo Homeschool Fieldtrip

Today we went to the Baton Rouge Zoo for a homeschool fieldtrip. We were doing one of their Ed-Zoo-Cation Programs.

Our group before going in

Trying to stop the world
Getting ready to listen to the presentation about the Fantastic Five which discusses the different groups of vertebrates and the characteristics of each group.

The Landrys came to the fieldtrip today. This is the 1st activity that they've been able to make.

The babies...well not so much anymore

Telling us about mammals...example was the ferret

Micah was just jibber-jabbering away during the presentation

Luke looks like he was really into it

Luke petting the ferret

Cameron & Abram petting the ferret
What a great shot of Levi!

Explaining about reptiles - an alligator was the example

Miriam petting the alligator

Luke & Tate petting the alligator

explaining about birds
this owl was the example

showing us that even though a turtle has a hard shell...
he can still feel it because his backbone is in the shell

feeling the pelts of fur
Luke & Tate looking at the sea turtle shell

Miriam & Levi feeling the pelt of beaver fur
We saw a peacock, but we didn't get a chance to get a good picture of it
because the kids kept chasing it.

Levi was in a daze the 2nd part of the day

Checking out the Aquarium section

was able to take a couple of good pics

everyone has to climb on the fence here and they were very intereted in

this frog swimming in the water instead of the monkeys whose exhibit we were at

Levi trying to get a peek

looking for the otter swimming under water
Micah was interested in something...must have been the fans that they have in the otter exhibit

These birds were mad at something...they kept squawking at us...
I thought maybe they had some eggs nearby


all the turtles

climbed up onto the rocks

and land

hoping to be fed

along with this goose who took a few pecks at a couple of the kids


then we saw this albino peacock

of course the kids chased him away too

Then it started instead of eating our lunch and playing on the playground, we opted to leave and go eat lunch at Las Palmas.

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Jenn said...

Looks like a pretty good group that went today. It's getting bigger and bigger.