Friday, May 22, 2009

Micah's birthday

Last night...we had a little (and I mean little) celebration for Micah's birthday. I didn't have any cake or brownie mixes so I made a cake & icing from scratch. Then after supper (hotdogs & macaroni & cheese), we sang Happy Birthday to Micah. It was only me, Levi & Miriam, because Craig was mowing the grass and Luke & Cameron didn't want to come inside.

Miriam putting the Birthday Princess hat on her

She didn't really like it


She was fascinated by the flame...she kept trying to touch it
I was having a hard time trying to take a picture of her and keep her from touching it

She didn't mind the cake

I'll get some more

What are you looking at?

Levi wanted his picture taken too...with mustard on his face

It's good to me!


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I would have loved to see a picture of your cake made from scratch!!