Saturday, May 30, 2009

Levi & Micah's Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Levi & Micah's birthdays. We decided to do another combo party since we have birthdays in February, March, April & May. Plus we always invite the same people so it saves on expenses.

The italian (creme) castle that Laura & Eric made...didn't they do a great job!

We also made cupcakes for the kids...thanks Sara, ZeeZee, Laura & Eric for your help on them!

Do you see the cupcake that kind of looks like the Earth?

This is the cake that we made for Micah to eat.

Thanks Laura, Eric & ZeeZee for putting it together and decorating it...

even though it was "just for Micah (formica)."

Thanks ZeeZee for decorating around it and making it look pretty on the table

They were taking a picture of the Snow White cake and paused to take a picture of themselves

Cake time

Singing Happy Birthday!

Trying to blow the candle out

She likes it!

She was eating breadsticks when we brought her the cake

so she mostly just dipped them in the icing.

Getting more icing!

Hey, there's cake in there!

Pretty girl!


Cake face

She wasn't too interested in eating the cake...I think she was just full!

Pinata time...Daddy showing Levi how to hit it

He wasn't too interested in doing it

But watch out

the girls really want

to get the loot

Then a bad thing batteries died so I didn't get the pinata breaking

(a photographer's faux pas...uncharged batteries!)

Still eating cake

Sara & Hannah...Hannah just loves Sara

Present time...

Levi's stool...Laura has gotten every kid their name stool when they turned 2

Reading his card from Aunt Georgia (and looking at his money that was in it)

Miriam's shirt said "Little Princess with a BIG attitude"...can't you just see it here

Chewing on one of her presents from Ms. Sherry

Take a picture of us...Cheese!

Levi "I want to sit too"

After the party, Eric was putting lotion on Laura's feet so Miriam wanted some too

I just loved her face here although the picture wasn't very good

Now it was ZeeZee's turn to get lotion on her feet and Miriam's turn to apply it

PS...Tracy I felt like I didn't take enough pictures, but after I went back to edit them...that was enough...more pictures = more work! I also feel like some of the edits weren't very good...but I was exhausted and didn't necessarily take my time...just wanted to get the post up!

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Tracy said...

I think you did a great job editing! Looks great!

Now let's talk about not charged batteries...WOMAN!